Understanding business processes

… and holistically analysing, designing, optimising, simplifing and documenting them. more »

Claudia mit Clownnase

Common sense and humour

… and why they are useful when developing concepts and specifications. more »

Claudia als Schalke-Fan

Approach work with passion

… and what I being a Schalke-Fan can contribute to IT-projects. more »


Claudia beim Stricken

Eliminating bottlenecks with patience and creativity

… and why this has advantages during a business process analysis. more »

Claudia bei MyPlanet

Act sustainable

… from conviction - in IT and as a volunteer at myblueplanet.ch. more »

Claudia says Good-Bye

I'm off working on a project...

… but I have always time for a talk. Contact me

Our goal and philosophy

We support you to implement your projects successfully using

  • common sense
  • a structured approach
  • team spirit
  • efficiency
  • a result oriented and solution focused mindset
  • timely delivering of results

Contact us

Farnung GmbH
Aegeristrasse 27
CH - 6300 Zug


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Claudia Farnung

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