What is important for me

Holistic view

Claudia Farnung

A successful and sustainable implementation of projects in the IT environment requires not only an understanding of the technologies used, but a holistic analysis of the requirements from the perspective of users, customers and employees.

We support you while planning, setting up and implementing new IT-systems or during re-organisation or alignment of your business processes to meet the needs of the market and your customers with processes to meet the needs of the market and your customers with

  • analysis and identification of business requirements
  • solution design
  • documentation
  • implementation
  • control and continuous improvement

of your business processes.

Common sense and humour

Claudia Farnung

In addition to an analytical and solution-oriented mindset and a rapid uptake, it is important to approach the development of concepts and specifications with common sense and pragmatic and logical thinking.

Particularly important for the successful outcome of each project is a pleasant and friendly working atmosphere.

Therefore humor, friendliness and serenity are important to us.

Team spirit, commitment, goal-oriented behavior and accept responsibility

Claudia Farnung

For a very long time, I have been a passionate Schalke fan.

As any good soccer game, each project requires full commitment, goal-oriented behavior, creativity, and the will to take responsibility.

From our point of view these characteristics - together with team spirit, patience and persistence - are important success factors … even if the game goes in the overtime.

Efficiency, timely delivering results with plan and method

Claudia Farnung

My father was a carpenter and has created many useful and beautiful things. I remember very well that he always skillfully planned any new piece he crafted. Any construction of a table, window, door was based on a plan and concept in order to use all resources efficiently, to achieve a timely completion and to achieve an optimal result. What is the use of a door if it does not fit into the corresponding frame?

Also we strongly believe that - within a project – any task shall be skillfully planned and executed  - i.e. using a methodological approach combined with a plan, discipline, efficiency, and creativity.

Patience and creativity

Claudia Farnung

Not only during a soccer game (especially when watching it), but also during the creative process of knitting, it helps to have patience.

In stressful situations and when time pressure hits a project, staying calm and being patient are helpful to stay focused and achieve the intended results.

Commitment to the environment, sustainability

Claudia Farnung

In order to better understand the links between environmental, economic, and social aspects in our society and in companies, I participated in the certificate course CAS Management and Environment at the FH Nordwestschweiz. During this course I got a thorough insight into topics like environmental management systems (ISO 14001), LCA, cleaner production, life cycle analysis, and corporate social responsibilty.

Based on what I learned during the course and talking to companies taking their part of responsibility in environmental aspects, we implemented a flexible, expandable business intelligence solution for automated GRI, VfU and ad-hoc reporting.

Since 2010 I am a core team member of myblueplanet, a non-profit organization with the goal to add an actual and measurable contribution to climate protection. If you want to know more about myblueplanet … myblueplanet